Our Story

Steve Crowdus is the founder and president of Crowdus Custom Homes & Remodeling.
Steve was born and raised in Florissant and now resides in St. Louis County with his wife Susie and two children. Steve founded his company in February, 1994 after a fourteen year single company career in both international and domestic sales.


Having graduated from the University of Missouri – St. Louis, with a degree in Business Administration, Steve landed a job with a company specializing in automated process controls systems. While his primary training and responsibility involved sales and marketing, he also gained experience in service and project management.  His job description and training included interfacing with engineers, software specialists, plant and production personnel, and executive management. The products were routinely designed into new facilities, exposing Steve to large scale processing plant construction.  Once his systems were on site, planning meetings and system integration introduced Steve to Project Management and the many nuances of construction. During his fourteen year career, his territory covered over 30 states, as well as South and Central America, Mexico, and Canada.  

Exposure to new large-scale commercial construction created a strong interest in pursuing a new career path.

Crowdus Custom Homes and Remodeling has become a company that focuses on personal attention with professional results. We pride ourselves on caring for the customer, listening to their needs, and responding with results. We value every person that is on our team, often referring to them as “technicians” rather than tradesman.  

We have learned that a successful project begins with considerate, thoughtful, and thorough planning. We appreciate, encourage, and reward thinking outside the box – preferring a more analytical approach to all aspects of the design and construction processes.

Crowdus Custom Homes and Remodeling is driven to provide the highest level of quality at an affordable price. It is our goal to achieve that of absolute customer satisfaction.

Steve Crowdus -- St. Louis Roots – with a Kentucky Flavor

Steve is a tenth generation American and third generation St. Louisian.

James Caldwell Crowdus II was borne in Kentucky August 15, 1860. At the age of eighteen, he moved to Texas to begin his career. There he bought and resold wool and animal hides from western trappers and traders. Much of his merchandise was then sold to a company in St. Louis. The St. Louis based company invited James to join him in St. Louis in 1893. Subsequently, Crowdus Hide, Fur, and Wool was formed and continued in existence until James’ death in 1918. During his early years in St. Louis, James invested the earnings of his company in real estate. As his holdings grew, he formed another company called the James C. Crowdus Realty Company.  

James had a daughter and two sons, James Albert, (Steve’s grandfather) and William Warren Crowdus.

With a love for radio, James Albert was the first amateur radio operator in St. Louis to speak by radio to an airplane flying overhead. During WWI he served as a Radio Man 1-Class aboard an L-Class submarine – his was the first submarine to cross the Atlantic. Toward the end of the war, the British captured and turned over to the United States a German U-boat. The United States wanted the U-boat returned state side for study. James Albert, along with a complete U.S. Submarine crew was selected to man the U-boat for its voyage to the U.S. This was a challenging assignment given the differences in design, configuration, and presence of German nomenclature. As a decorated WWI war veteran, following the war, James would go on to run the reality company until his death in 1970 at the age of 72.

Having earned his law degree in 1922, William Warren would become a prominent St. Louis attorney.  He became President of the St. Louis Bar Association in 1942 and in 1963 served as an interim United States District Attorney where he was involved in the investigation of labor racketeering in the Midwest.

In 1933, President Roosevelt established “United States Territorial Expansion Commission”, and selected William Crowdus to chair its efforts.  William Crowdus and other civic leaders had already begun plans to memorialize St. Louis as the “Gateway to the West”, forming a committee to celebrate the rich discovery of the Louisiana Territory and the efforts of Lewis and Clark.  Later, William Crowdus would be named the President of the “Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Association”. Through the efforts of this group with the complete support of U. S. Government, the Gateway Arch was completed on October 28, 1965.

Steve’s father James C. Crowdus III served in the United States Navy during WWII as a Electronic Technician 3rd Class aboard the USS Pyro, an ammunition re-supply ship. Following the Navy, he attended college for two years at UCLA completing his degree at the University of Illinois where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. Following his formal education, he returned to St. Louis to pursue a career in accounting, retiring in 1988 from McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Corporation.

Steve and Susie Love the St. Louis area, are actively involved with their family and church, and support their local schools and charities. Like the family members who preceded Steve, he wishes to make a difference in his community and the lives of his family, friends, customers, and acquaintances.



Our mssion is simple: to transform our customer's vision into reality while providing

    * Personal attention to detail
    * An intelligent and informed team
    * Superior workmanship

* Respect, integrity, and uncompromised value
* Excellent customer satisfaction
* Personal involvement and bottom-line accountability

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